Welcome to Fifth Grade!  This year we will begin a journey of becoming stronger, more confident writers.  

These past few weeks we have been brainstorming about the three different genres of writing: narrative, expository, and persuasive.  Beginning in October we will delve a bit deeper into narrative writing focusing on strong leads, developing characters in our stories, and adding details.  

While students are writing every day during their time with me, every Tuesday and Thursday students are engaged in writing stations.  One consistent station is our journaling station.  Students are working on writing to a prompt with a strong paragraph.  I am looking for students to develop topic sentences, organization of ideas, and a strong closing sentence.  In addition to this station, students will always visit the teacher table where we will work more closely on skills and conference about the writing we are doing.  The third station will fluctuate weekly, but always spiraling back to skills worked on in class.