Monday, March 21, 2016

Markers needed!

We are in need of some more dry erase EXPO markers. If you are able to donate a pack, it would be greatly appreciated. #Math

Friday, March 4, 2016


We have wrapped up our study of the different forms of energy.  We spent time in "expert groups" learning a form of energy and then teaching our peers about it.  Students were able to create their own set of test questions and was given this past week.

We are now moving onto our next unit of study which revolves around food chains/webs, adaptations and composting!  We are experimenting with composting by constructing a compost that uses newspaper with food scraps, dried leaves with food scraps, and dead grass with food scraps.  We will see which one progresses quickest!

In thinking about our study of food chains/webs we are going to be creating mini terrariums!  I have asked students to bring in ONE of the following:  a 2L soda bottle, a large mason jar, or a large spaghetti sauce jar.  If we could get those next week that would be great!