Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Updated Math Homework Expectations

This message is to give you an update on the homework expectations for the remainder of the year.
  1. Students will be assigned one set of questions via TenMarks on Monday. Questions must be completed before school on Friday.
  2. Students will receive a “Show What You Know” page on Wednesday nights due Thursday. They need to show someone at home how to complete three questions. The “audience” is asked to sign the paper and they have the option to write a comment/note.
  3. There will be some longer term math projects assigned. The website will have a link to the directions page.
I am available for homework help most mornings before school. If your child would like to stop in, please encourage them to do so. 

- Mr. Chruniak

Friday, October 13, 2017

Postcard Challenge Scoreboard

Our postcard challenge is on full display in the C-Wing. Stop by and take a look. Here is the current scoreboard:

HALL - 20