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*Homework week of 4/2 - Spelling Packet this week.  The theme is suffixes -ness and -less.  Also, students must complete any unfinished classwork at home.

--------> REMINDER:  If a student earns a 100% on the pretest at the beginning of the week, they will not be required to complete the homework.  Students must maintain excellent performance on the post test (23 or better) in order to be eligible for the "no homework" the following weeks.

***Book Report due June 1, 2018*** - Read 20 minutes.  

Please make sure to bring your book report book to school each day.  Any spare minutes during class time can be used to read!

Book Report Rubric  <--- Click this link for the rubric!
Book Report Options (in triplicate!) <--- Click this link for book report options (in triplicate).

**Several students have started asking for the various organizers - I am happy to find an organizer that works best for our students if I know they are looking!

We are finishing up MANIAC MAGEE this week.  We will spend our "Boston" time (whole group) reading it together and spend our "Fenway" (teacher table) time working on various comprehension skills and strategies, as well as literary elements based from our readings in Maniac.  We are also preparing for MCAS next week (ELA 1 on April 10 and ELA 2 on April 11).

During "Garden" (one of our independent stations), students will be working with their reading groups on a student-chosen novel.  Students will participate in Literature Circles and complete various tasks practicing the targeted skills.

In "Gillette", students will complete a variety of review tasks, debates, and Newsela - depending upon the week.  

As a reminder, students work in Google Classroom frequently and with Newsela.  Please feel free to ask your child for a "tour" of either of these online activities/resources.  The student log in is their name while the password is their birthdate in this format:  mmddyyyy.

Please reach out with questions or concerns.

Mrs. Hall

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